5 Attainable Skin Care Resolutions For 2016

Posted by on Jan 4, 2016

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Whether you’re starting a new gym routine or waking up an hour early for breakfast, having a New Year’s goal is a fun and exciting way to get yourself ready for the new year. Even the most beauty-conscious of us, though, can forget to make these big promises about the one area that needs it most: our skin. To make the process a little easier on you, here are our best attainable skin care resolutions for 2016.

1. Wash Your Face EVERY Night

Sleeping in your makeup is one of the worst skin care offenses there as, as it can trap oils and dirt in your pores and lead to major breakouts — not to mention add 10 years to your face. It’s not just about getting the makeup off, either: your skin care routine should include a daily cleanser, mist and moisturizer as well as an exfoliant every 2 to 3 days.

2. Wear Sunscreen EVERY Day

Yes, even the days you stay inside. Getting in the habit of applying sunscreen every day is one of the best things you can do for both your skin and overall health. The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that one in five people will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime. That’s a risk none of us should be willing to take. Skin cancer doesn’t discriminate, so this one’s a non-negotiable.

3. Clean Your Brushes

Ideally, you’d be washing your makeup brushes once a week, but we said this list would be attainable, so we’re not going to put that kind of pressure on you. At least once a month, though, spend 15 minutes rinsing your brushes with a anti-bacterial shampoo or soap to ensure old makeup, skin cells and bacteria are eliminated. Check out our full, detailed explanation of how to clean your makeup brushes here.

4. Book A Facial

Resolutions don’t all have to be about work — they should be about making yourself healthier! There really isn’t any better way to get a deep cleanse and intense hydration than from a professional facial. An esthetician can specifically target problem areas and completely revamp your skin. Call us today to book your appointment: (407) 878-7680.

5. Stop Picking!

When a blemish is drawing attention on your face, it’s easy to want to pick at it until it goes away. Don’t be tempted! Scratching and picking will cause it to spread and scab, which can result in hyperpigmentation. Allow your body to heal itself. If you simply must pop it, make sure to use our Pimple Popping 101 guide.

Mindy Black

Mindy Black is a licensed esthetician and owner of her results-driven skin care clinic, Inner Beauty Skin Care Inc., located in Lake Mary, Florida. Mindy provides weekly beauty expertise on Orlando's FOX 35 Good Day morning show and has been quoted in Success magazine, the Moms Magazine, Orlando Mom’s Blog, Spark & Hustle, and is an eHow contributor. Mindy's accolades include: Vice Chair Woman of the Greater Sanford Regional Chamber of Commerce, member of the Lake Mary Rotary, Royal Court of Krewe 2012-2013, recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year award, and nominee of Orlando Business Journal’s “Women to Watch.”