Oh, Baby! These 5 Baby Products Work For Adults Too

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016

There’s a reason “soft as a baby’s bottom” is our favorite way to describe something smooth — little ones really are blessed with perfect skin. When motherhood strikes, diapers and feeding schedules become all we think about — expensive serums and moisturizers may become an non-priority. To ease the transition on your beauty routine and your wallet, check out this list of which 5 baby products work for adults to take the hassle and the cost out of looking good.

5 Baby Products That Work For Adults Too

Cloth Diapers

It’s one of our favorite Skin Gym secrets: using cloth diapers on the face! Regular towels and washcloths are often too harsh for our sensitive facial skin, and excessive rubbing can cause unwanted dryness or blemishes. Instead, try using one of your little one’s (unused!) cloth diapers, soaked in warm water, to pat your skin dry after washing it and remove any balms or leftover cleansers. Not only is this great for your skin, it’s also great for the environment!


Baby Powder

Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver, but it can be pricey too! Instead, why not use something you already have? A little bit of baby powder will have the same effect. Just pat a small amount onto the roots of your hair, making sure to tussle to get rid of any excess whiteness.


Nipple Cream

It sounds a little silly, but new moms breastfeeding know how valuable nipple cream can be! The life-saving product has an additional use: it can also be a huge help to dry, cracked lips! Apply a little bit at night before you fall asleep and in the morning watch the dead skin come off. Don’t worry, it’s safe to use on the mouth (it is baby-safe, after all)!


Baby Oil

Out of makeup remover and no time to run to the store? Not a problem! Baby oil works just as well at removing tough mascara and eyeliner. Just grab a Q-tip and go to work gently removing the day’s look.



Most of the products we use on infants are great for sensitive skin, as they are designed to be less irritating and harsh than our everyday products. Lotion is no exception — those created for babies often contain oatmeal as a main ingredient, boasting incredibly soothing qualities. Plus you get to smell like your little one all day, which is always a sweet bonus!


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