7 Techniques To Grow Your Beauty Business Online

Posted by on Aug 1, 2016

If you want to grow your beauty business online, you’ve got to get moving now to stand out from your competition.

Grow Your Beauty Business Online
Beauty is a $16 billion dollar industry, and is therefore incredibly competitive and hard to break into. I’ve been running my skin care clinic for over a decade now and still learn something new every day about how to attract more customers online. To help you get started, here are the 7 techniques I’ve found to be the most effective in growing my business on the web.

1. Run A Consistent Blog

Blogs are totally taken for granted. Everyone has one, but few run them the right way. Establishing authority is essential in converting potential clients, and filling your site with keyword-friendly content is the easiest way to get your site ranking on Google.

Don’t bother with generic articles that just summarize what you found when you searched the blog topic. Google knows better. The key to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is generating fresh, useful content that serves a purpose for your readers and is unique to you. Use your clients as inspiration for your next blog.

2. Pin Like Crazy

Repeat it with me now: Pinterest is a search engine. When you’re in the business of selling beauty, you cannot overlook the magical powers of Pinterest. I have a blog post on my business site that still gets hundreds of visits every day because of one pin. The fact is, beauty-conscious women use Pinterest the same way the masses use Google — they log on, search “how to get rid of blackheads” and click on the photos that stand out.

Incorporate Pinterest into your digital strategy ASAP.

3. Incorporate Testimonials Into Your Website

Every small business owner knows that word of mouth is essential. What better place to share real client reviews than right there on your site? If your technique is effective, you should have some engaging and honest reviews from clients about how much of a difference you’ve made in their appearance. Try to use clients with local name recognition, if you have any.

4. Don’t Give Up On Facebook

Fighting with Facebook for organic reach can feel like a never-ending battle and no one feels the hurt more than small business owners. As changes to Facebook’s ranking algorithm cause your impressions to dwindle, the site may start to feel like a waste of time. It isn’t.

Facebook is still one of the first places potential clients will look for you. Make sure to have all of your information, including hours, address, phone number, website, and services available in an organized way. Ask questions, encourage engagement and remember the 80/20 rule — only promote or use sales-y language 20% of the time.

5. Hashtag Wisely

Everyone loves the ‘gram, especially the beauty industry. Instagram is awesome because hashtags make it super easy to engage with, research and get to know the community you’re targeting. But hashtags like #beauty, #makeup and #skincare? No one (except maybe an automated bot) is checking them.

Instead, look for hashtags that people in your industry are actually using. #BBlogger is great for beauty bloggers, and I love the #pursuepretty and #thatsdarling hashtags for photos that are bright and colorful. For a small business, focus on localized hashtags (in Central Florida we use #orlandodoesntsuck a lot). Can’t find any? Start one! Reach out to influencers in your area and encourage them to use your hashtag on their photos. Pretty soon you’ll have a direct connection to the exact people you’re trying to reach.

6. Be Exclusive

Your social media fans are loyal, they deserve a reward! Consider offering a site-exclusive giveaway or promotion to generate sales and maybe snag a new customer. Sites like Canva.com are great for creating social promotions, as they have all sorts of templates and automated sizes for every social platform.

7. Send Email Newsletters

No small business is complete without a mailing list. People will miss your Instagrams, they will overlook your Facebook blasts, but there is one way to end up right in front of their noses every time: email newsletters.
Add a “Can we contact you by email?” box to your client paperwork, and add the email addresses you collect to a free newsletter service like MailChimp. At least every other week, send out genuinely useful information with a personal note and attach a service or product special at the bottom. Our clients LOVE this service and I’ve totally seen an increase in engagement and returning customers as a result of it.


The beauty industry is competitive, and being a #BEAUTYBOSS is all about strategy. Whether you’re focusing on building local clientele or establishing a global presence, growing your beauty business online is an essential step in the process.

What are you doing to grow your beauty business’ online presence and to stand out from your competition? Do you feel like you’re struggling with sales, marketing and gaining new clients?
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