The Ultimate Healthy Skin Diet

Posted by on Jan 27, 2016

Healthy Skin Diet


We’re all still in “New Year, New Me” zone, and probably focusing more attention than normal on what we’re eating. While a healthy diet is essential to overall health, certain foods can work wonders on your skin as well! Check out these superfoods that will brighten and tighten skin.



Thanks to super-nutrient Omega-3, a regular intake of seafood can do wonders to decrease inflammation and brighten the skin’s natural tone. Assuming you’re not allergic, Omega-3’s fatty acids keep arteries clear and increase circulation, which is essential to skin health. Stick to fatty fish like salmon for most noticeable results.


Eggs are almost always the ideal breakfast choice — not only are they a great source of protein, they also contain high levels of Vitamin A, a vitamin essential to helping skin repair itself. The popular skincare ingredient tretenoin (found in Retinol products) is actually derived from Vitamin A, and is incredible at reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Vegetables (Duh!)

While upping your intake of vitamins may seem like a no-brainer, it helps to know which ones are most effective. Stick to orange-red and green veggies if you’re looking to reap the most benefits: spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots lead the pack. If you can’t eat them, drink ’em — adding kale or spinach to a smoothie will get you all the nutrients without the funny taste.


It seems like everyone shies away from nuts due to their high levels of fat, but nuts, particularly almonds, contain good fats and high levels of antioxidants. High traces of Vitamin E boost the body’s natural anti-aging defenses, working to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. (Sunscreen is still a non-negotiable though!) Go nuts!

Mindy Black

Mindy Black is a licensed esthetician and owner of her results-driven skin care clinic, Inner Beauty Skin Care Inc., located in Lake Mary, Florida. Mindy provides weekly beauty expertise on Orlando's FOX 35 Good Day morning show and has been quoted in Success magazine, the Moms Magazine, Orlando Mom’s Blog, Spark & Hustle, and is an eHow contributor. Mindy's accolades include: Vice Chair Woman of the Greater Sanford Regional Chamber of Commerce, member of the Lake Mary Rotary, Royal Court of Krewe 2012-2013, recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year award, and nominee of Orlando Business Journal’s “Women to Watch.”